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Anger Workshop

Workshop 6 - November 19th, 2000

There are people, for instance, who are short-tempered by nature and haven’t succeeded in controlling their anger. Well, if with an aspiration or by some method or other they have managed to receive some higher vital forces, instead of this calming their irritation or anger… because they have no self-control it increases their anger, that is, their irritability, their movement of violence is full of greater force, a greater energy, and becomes much more violent. So it is well said that to be in contact with universal forces does not make one progress. But it is because they make a bad use of them. Yet in the long run, this bad use diminishes the capacity of receiving; but it takes time, it is not immediate. So it is very important to put yourself in a good condition to receive the higher forces and not the lower ones, and secondly, when you have received them use them for the best thing possible, in order to prepare yourself to receive those which are of a higher quality. But if you open yourself, receive the forces and afterwards, being satisfied with having received them you ;let yourself fall into all the ordinary movements, well you close the door and the force no longer returns.

(Questions and Answers 4th May 1955)

- The Mother

CWM, Vol.7, p140-141.

If anger intervenes, it is because there is a complete contradiction between the feeling you want to have and how you react to others. Because anger is a deformation of the vital power, an obscure and wholly unregenerated vital, a vital that is still subject to all the ordinary actions and reactions. When this vital power is used by an ignorant and egoistic individual will and this will meets with opposition from individual wills around it, under the pressure of opposition, changes into anger and tries to obtain by violence what cannot be achieved solely by the pressure of the force itself.

Besides, anger, like every other kind of violence, is always a sign of weakness, impotence and incapacity.

And here self-deception comes solely from the approval given to it or the flattering epithet attached to it ­ because anger can only be something blind, ignorant and asuric, that is to say, contrary to the light……

(On Thoughts and Aphorisms- Jnana 51)

The Mother

CWM, Vol.10, p80-82.

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