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Anger Workshop

Workshop 4 - October 15th, 2000

It is really simply the recurrence of an old habit of the nature. Look at it and see how trifling is the occasion of the rising of this anger and its outburst - it becomes more and more causeless — and the absurdity of such movements itself.

It would not really be difficult to get rid of it if, when it comes, you looked at it calmly — for it is perfectly possible to stand back in one part of the being, observing in a detached equanimity even while the anger rises on the surface — as if it were someone else in your being who had the anger.

The difficulty is that you get alarmed and upset and that makes it easier for the thing to get hold of your mind which it should not do.

Help we are giving you — stand back so as to be able to feel it and not this obsession of these surface movements.

- Sri Aurobindo

SABCL, Vol.24, p1410-1411.

It is indeed when the quietude comes down from above or comes out from the psychic that the vital becomes full of peace or of kindliness and goodwill. It is therefore that the inner psychic quietude first and afterwards the peace from above must occupy the whole being. Otherwise such things as anger in the vital can be controlled but it is difficult to get rid of them altogether without this occupation by the inner quietude and higher peace.

That you should depend on the Mother for the sadhana is the best attitude, for it is indeed her Force that does the sadhana in you.

- Sri Aurobindo

SABCL, Vol.24, p1412.

That is the right thing that must happen always when anger or anything else rises. The psychic reply must become habitual pointing out that anger is neither right nor helpful and then the being must draw back from these outward things and take its stand in its inner self, detach from all these things and people. It is this detachment that is the first thing that must be gained by the sadhak he must cease to live in these outwards things and live in his inner being. The more that is done the more there is a release and peacefulness.

Afterwards when one is secure in this inner being, the right thing to do, the right way to deal with men and things will begin to come.

- Sri Aurobindo

SABCL, Vol.24, p1411.

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