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Anger Workshop


The aspect that we have been discussing since June 2000 is Anger:

The first topic we decided to consider in our workshops was Anger.

The group felt that this difficulty of the nature was a good place to start because we all get angry, agitated and frustrated from time to time in our daily lives.

We asked ourselves: Why is this? Do we always need to get angry? How does it affect us, and the people around us? What is the nature of anger and where does it originate? Is it from us or from our surroundings?

Through the teachings of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo we gained valuable insight into these and many other questions. In the passages below, which formed the basis of our workshops, The Mother and Sri Aurobindo give us practical methods of observing, controlling and eventually mastering movements of anger.

As the workshops progressed, the participants began to put into practice in their daily lives what they had learnt from the readings and from each other.

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