November 22, 2017 – Krishna

The One Self

All are deceived, do what the One Power dictates,
Yet each thinks his own will his nature moves;
The hater knows not ’tis himself he hates,
The lover knows not ’tis himself he loves.

In all is one being many bodies bear;
Here Krishna flutes upon the forest road,
Here Shiva sits ash-smeared, with matted hair.
But Shiva and Krishna are the single God.

In us too Krishna seeks for love and joy,
In us too Shiva struggles with the world’s grief.
One Self in all of us endures annoy,
Cries in his pain and asks his fate’s relief.

My rival’s downfall is my own disgrace:
I look on my enemy and see Krishna’s face.

Sri Aurobindo


Krishna represents both the universal Godhead and the immanent Godhead, he whom one can meet within one’s being and in all that constitutes the manifested world.

And do you want to know why he is always represented as a child? It is because he is in constant progression. To the extent that the world is perfected, his play is also perfected — what was the play of yesterday will no longer be the play of tomorrow; his play will become more and more harmonious, benign and joyful to the extent that the world becomes capable of responding to it and enjoying it with the Divine.

Krishna’s play: a power of progress veiling itself behind appearances.

Krishna’s play in Matter: beauty, love and joy are comrades; a play which widens and makes you progress.

Krishna’s play in the physical: the rule of the Avatar upon earth, that is to say, the realisation of the new divine world.

Can you tell me whether Radha actually existed? Volumes are being written to prove that she did not.

Surely she has lived and is still living.

Radha’s consciousness symbolises perfect attachment to the Divine.

The Mother

Words of the Mother III, pages 14 – 15

All extracts and quotations from the written works of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother are copyright Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust, Pondicherry -605002 India

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