June 13, 2012 – One Needs Education

There are four very great events in history,the siege of Troy,
the life and crucifixion of Christ,
the exile of Krishna in Brindavun and the colloquy with Arjuna on the field of Kurukshetra.
The siege of Troy created Hellas, the exile in Brindavun created devotional religion,
(for before there was only meditation and worship,)
Christ from his cross humanised Europe,
the colloquy at Kurukshetra will yet liberate humanity.
Yet it is said that none of these four events ever happened.

Sri Aurobindo

(Thoughts and Aphorisms 41)

One Needs Education

If a child were not taught how to live, he could not live, he wouldn’t know how to do anything…. Even the most elementary things he would not do properly if he were not taught how to do them… If everyone had to go through the whole experience needed for the formation of an individuality, he would be long dead before having begun to live! This is the advantage of those – accumulated through centuries – who have had the experience and tell you, “Well, if you want to go quickly, to know in a few years what has been learnt through centuries, do this!” Read, learn, study and then, in this way, that in that way, this again in this way (gestures). Once you know a little, you can find your own method, if you have the genius for it! But first one must stand on one’s own feet and know how to walk. It is very difficult to learn it all alone. It’s like that for everyone. One must form oneself. Therefore, one needs education.

The Mother

The Great Adventure P 8

All extracts and quotations from the written works of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother are copyright Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust, Pondicherry -605002 India

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